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What do you believe the world could become through your work?

I posed this question to all of the 156 accelerators, studios, and corporate innovation teams who joined me at the GAN and GSSN Summit last week, and it became the basis for our three-day Summit.

And while that question was posed to everyone attending Summit, it’s an incredibly important question for every one of us reading this blog today. Here’s why — how we answer it deeply affects what we do in our work, how we do our work, and the energy we will ultimately have because of our work.

What happens if we don’t have an answer to this question?

Most people don’t have an answer to this question or just haven’t spent time crafting an intentional vision of what the world could become because of the work they do each day. Personally, I didn’t have a good answer until a few years ago. …

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You know exactly what’s going on in the world. Things are tough right now, and all of us are experiencing some kind of hardship. There are socio-political issues around race, and, in the United States, an election that seems to be one of the most important elections we’ll have in our lifetimes. There’s the ongoing health crisis where new outbreaks of COVID-19 seem to be picking up as we enter the fall. And, there’s this economic recession overlaying all of it. Not to mention the many other challenges each of us are facing in our own lives and communities.

It all seems heavy. I have numerous friends coming to me tired and anxious. Most of my good friends have cried at work at least once over the last few weeks. It makes sense. Things aren’t easy at this moment. …


Patrick Riley

Helping to give startups the power to create and grow their business wherever they are as CEO of GAN: @GANconnect

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