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A GAN Startup Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be trying to hunt down the perfect gift for everyone you adore. And, while you could easily just shop online at the biggest company on the planet, wouldn’t it be even better if all of your purchases came from companies you could name — companies that will use the revenue they make from your purchase to buy from other startups or to funnel back into their local communities? Plus, don’t you want to buy something unique?

I thought so.

That’s why I’ve gathered a list of GAN Startups with great gifts — for you or your loved ones. We don’t receive any referral fees or upside for sharing them. I just genuinely want you to do business with these incredible founders. Here they are —

  1. Felt
    Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA)
    This recommendation came from the former director of TVA, Marc Nager. I think I’m not alone when I feel like writing a card can sometimes be a bit challenging. But Felt is an app that gives you an easy way to send hand-written thoughtful notes to friends or family.
  2. Marble Distilling Co.
    Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA)
    Holidays are full of adult drinks, but which to choose? Marble makes some of the best. What’s even better, though, is that it’s the nation’s first no-waste distillery.
  3. Better Bikes
    VVM Accelerator
    A killer e-bike that actually carries multiple people. They actually call it a “microcar e-bike” and it looks like a great option to get around town.
  4. Z Wraps
    VVM Accelerator
    A bunch of the food we cook over the holidays ends up in plastic storage containers. Z Wraps just created an eco-friendly storage option that looks great and is actually super functional.
  5. ThriveCare
    Carao Ventures
    ThriveCare is skincare powered by regenerative plants, so their products provide some of the best shave and skincare on the market and their gift kits are huge sellers over the holidays.
  6. Lululittle
    Lululittle combines storytelling with cultural themes to create highly personalized children’s books that engage, empower, and entertain children. They have a super cool platform that allows you to personalize, preview, and purchase a unique book, just for your kid, in just a few seconds. I’m definitely getting two of these for my girls.
  7. Beanboat
    I love buying coffee beans directly farmers when I can, but doing that can be really, really difficult. That’s where BeanBoat comes in. They make it so easy to do, and the coffee actually tastes incredible. (I had some when I visited Bahrain a few weeks ago.)
  8. Subtl Beauty
    AlphaLab Gear
    I’ve known their founder, Rachel, for a while now (we also highlighted her during the Momentum Tour) and I find their products to be really innovative. From what I’ve heard, putting on makeup and carrying around all of your various products can be difficult. So, Subtl Beauty made stackable makeup that looks great and fits into the palm of your hand.
  9. Fox Blossom
    These are some of the best gift boxes I’ve ever seen. They’re so pretty and thoughtful. If you are having a hard time figuring out what you want to get someone, Fox Blossom is a great place to start.
  10. FutureDerm
    Here’s another amazing skincare line. The founders have an awesome background and have built a solution that people love. I haven’t tried it yet but can’t wait to.
  11. Beachly
    Blue Startups
    If your loved ones love beach style and want to get it delivered straight to their doorstep every season, you can get them this curated box of beach-inspired apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items for just $99 — even though the retail of each box is valued over $200. And the best part? Each box sold helps fund beach cleanups hosted by Heal The Bay.
  12. Travel Kollekt
    Next Media Accelerator
    If you travel a lot or have friends or family who do, this is a great gift. You can create a book of all of the memories from your last trip. I always love getting photo books for Christmas — and I think I’ll be building one using Travel Kollekt for my wife this year.
  13. And, Joi Gifts
    This one came to us via Alper Celen at Enhance, a startup studio in our sister community, GSSN, and they do same-day delivery for flowers, chocolates, and other gift ideas across 20 cities throughout MENA.

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Helping to give startups the power to create and grow their business wherever they are as CEO of GAN: @GANconnect

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