Do You Realize What You Just Did?

Every week I meet with Anna on my team to talk about the blog for the week. This past week we were laughing that the first blog I wrote in 2020 (and this is dead serious) was called It’s 2020 — Bring on the Problems. It was a blog all about how I planned to handle the problems that came my way this year, the final line being a paradox where I said — “Here’s to more and more problems coming our way in 2020.” — And that came true more than we could have possibly imagined.

As Anna and I were talking on the phone about the final blog of the year, I started to tear up. I was fairly overwhelmed thinking about what all that just happened over the past 12 months. But I wasn’t tearing up about all of the pain and sadness. I was tearing up about all we can be proud of. As I was talking about 2020, I couldn’t believe all of the things that we actually made it through this year. So, before we go into 2021, I’d love to invite you to stop and realize what we all just did, being thankful for what we’ve learned, and using those learnings to help others as we move into 2021.

Here’s what you did in 2020.

You Completely Changed Your Job

You Created New Rhythms Overnight

You Didn’t Travel

You Handled Your Cash Flows

You Pitched Differently

You (and I…) Learned About Equity

You Slowed Down

You Learned the Preciousness of Human Life

You Became More Resilient

You Survived

Now, as we go into 2021, let’s all realize that we can do this. We’ve got this. But, I can tell you this, my first blog of 2021 is definitely going to be:

It’s 2021 — Please Bring On Fewer Problems

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