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Founder Support Fund Stories

This week, founders are sharing their stories!
Back in May, the Founder Support Fund was launched to support mental wellness for founders who have been and continue to be affected by the pandemic. So far, the fund has awarded 17 grants to founders in nine countries, and the plan is to support more founders with ongoing awards.

Getting vulnerable and sharing stories of struggle isn’t easy, but the founders who received grants hope to advance the conversation around founder mental wellness. You can read stories here from some of the grantees about how they’ve invested their grants to find relief during a tough time, plus some words of encouragement they have to share.

  • Caroline, COO of Renewal Mill, used her grant for counseling.
  • Brian, CEO of Module Housing, set up a “Team Fund,” and took the team on a group bike ride.
  • Bolis, CEO of Argentum Electronics, Inc., used his grant funds to distribute wellness “gifts” to his team members.
  • Jose Pablo, CEO of Jubel, used his grant award for online yoga classes and counseling services.
  • Victoria, Executive Director of BridgeYear, distributed her grant funds throughout her team, awarding everyone $50 to treat themselves to something positive throughout the summer.
  • Carole, Co-Director of Fair Opportunity Project, used her grant award to purchase new bike tires so she could ride her bike through the pine tree forests of Wisconsin.
  • Rene, CEO of Lazarillo, and his team used their grant award to purchase products and services to reduce stress, such as visiting a chiropractor and a refrigerator for a new dad on his team.
  • Kālisi, founder of FOODPrint, is a working mom, and used her grant to cover a few months of childcare.

To learn more about the Founder Support Fund, or If you or your organization would like to support the next round of founders, go here.

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