The Human and Ecosystem Value of Your Product

  • A utility value — Just by providing a product or service customers deem worthy to use, you have created utility value. People are willing to spend the time using the product you created because of the benefits it offers. For instance, we use Instagram because it helps us laugh and share memories with others.
  • A monetary value — A product with monetary value is a good or service that people pay for. When we have created something with utility — something people find necessary, useful, and helpful, people typically give us something (i.e, money, some other trade of services, etc.) for our creation. For example, I just bought a Spark Grill (one of GAN Ventures’ portfolio companies). I needed a new grill and thought this was the best choice for my budget and needs, so I was willing to pay for the product. Spark Grills has a monetary value just because someone is willing to pay something for it.

The Other Types of Value

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