The Intentionally Inclusive Market

Building Inclusive Products

  1. Design with, not for, people. This begins with listening. “Product leaders must empower intended communities of use to make product decisions, rather than just validating them.” Create a community task force to seek out the full spectrum of possible customers. Come alongside these people: listen, seek to understand, make them feel important, and if you can, compensate them for their knowledge. It’s amazing how much insight you will gain just by listening. It’s likely that many of your assumptions and blindspots will disappear when you hear from people who have different experiences than you. But, it all starts with engaging people who are dissimilar to you.
  2. Use representation as a tool to attract a diverse customer base. A great way to make your product appealing and inclusive to a wide range of customers is to re-think how you show up in the world. This can be everything from the imagery on your website and marketing materials, to more subtle cues like colors and aesthetic elements used and product names. For example, Oracle wanted their newest data technology to appeal to a more global audience, so they changed the look and feel to reflect art and colors found all over the world.
  3. Create company-level expectations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. This can look like staffing diverse teams and making inclusion a mainstream, measurable practice (whatever is measured gets done!). In full transparency, this is something GAN is actively learning and working towards. A diverse team will naturally lead you to put yourself in the shoes of a number of different types of people and build products to include your full customer base. Plus, research shows that diverse teams are more creative and empathetic, work smarter, and problem-solve more effectively.
  4. Align product design with outcomes related to inclusivity. This could mean attracting and retaining a diverse set of customers, or simply creating a smooth and inclusive experience with your product.

Getting To Know Our Customers

An Example of Building for the Unmet Need

It’s Never Too Late To Make Adjustments

The Benefits of the Inclusive Product



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