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What it Takes to Land a Spot at the World’s Best Accelerators

Getting into a GAN Accelerator can be very difficult.

Last year alone, 40,415 startups applied for a spot with one of more than 100 GAN Accelerators across the globe and only 8,130 received some sort of interview.

But just a mere 1,435 (or 3.6%) were accepted into a program.

For those chosen few, it means they did something right. What exactly might that have been? What are program staff looking for when applications come their way?

I reached out to leaders of GAN Accelerators to shed light on what helps startup applications rise to the top. Unsurprisingly, their answers were incredible, and there’s a good chance these insights might help you make the cut next time you apply.

Dylan Boyd

R/GA Ventures
Twitter: @dtboyd

The Application
I’m looking for:

The People
I’m looking for people who are:

The Business
I’m looking for:

Chenoa Farnsworth

Blue Startups
Twitter: @cfarnswo17

Daniel Tomov

Twitter: @danieltomov

First, we start with the team. We dig very much into the individual backgrounds of the team members, their history together, the challenges they have overcome together, their domain and tech expertise, as well as what other people say about them (reputation reference check). We also try to validate their commitment and ambition — the latter being a major challenge these days. Everyone claims they want to be big or be a winner, but very few mean it and are ready to live it.

The rest is a relatively standard approach:

Troy Vosseller

Twitter: @troyvosseller

Lead with traction. Even if it’s a small amount of revenue, tell us you are making sales and going down the path of customer validation.

Wayne Murphy

Twitter: @waynemurphy77

I’m looking for:

Dina el-Shenoufy

Twitter: @Shenoufs

I’m looking for:

Originally published at on September 18, 2018.

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Helping to give startups the power to create and grow their business wherever they are as CEO of GAN: @GANconnect

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